Always Rising Above

Time is what we all share. We All play an essential role in our journey. We build value in our lives through the knowledge given in the experiences of all those best, and most blessed individuals we meet.

We all seek to feel acceptance. A sense of Belonging. The Feeling of being needed. To find another that holds value in the same interests as your own.

Kindness through the acceptance of being shown value for being an equal individual.

We all search for that which will sustain us. Whether we describe it as Nourishment. Nutrients. Medicine; Or internal medicine.

If We truly listen to our hearts, through the signals it communicates, It tells us the exact information we need to be able to live a sustained life.

If You will but Listen.

The brain will not function until the heart tells it.

Let me give you an example:

“Has there ever been a time when you met that tiny child that just lit you up?!”

You loved them because they were an amazing little creature; unlike any other; you were smitten by a child!

You loved their little energy, their touch, their little laugh…

And just the thoughts of that little being began to grow so intense, Somehow it cyphened, and leaked it’s way into the deepest, most loved spots in your heart.

That is Feeling. That is what we never want to let go of.

And that, Is love!

With all sincerity, the feeling of total sustainment.

True Character. Healing. Nourishment in nutrition. And Spiritual nourishment. Through Faith. Hope. Wisdom. And the Holy Spirit.


From The Winds that Carry the Angels —


Choosing Our Fronts Headlines & Highlights

Confidence shows power, and attracts positive responses from many viewpoints. Use the features they can’t put a price on. Now, relax, breathe and be calm because you got this!

Through life, through expression, Design, music, experience and chaos, hit hard and throw some of your best knockouts because life could attempt to end our reins at any moment.

For myself and many of us, it’s through writing, expression, creativity, research and studies that we can gain resources, insight, and importantly a sense of self-comfort, and release where we can be ourselves.

Writing is an amazing talent. Specific to one individual’s dynamic, but which allows words to flow in a way that many can relate.

Expressive words with enormous value reaches far within our characters, spirits, and maybe even what we hold so precious.

Choosing our fronts is of course, by choice. It’s also by great interests, and what’s truly important in your life!

For the progress of us all. Success. And the releases we all need. Build yourselves stronger. And surround yourself with people that have your best intentions in mind. Those people that will uplift you.

Thanks to All of You that read my blog-

And All those that inspire me.

Seasons Holidays Worldwide

Happy Holidays and The Warmest Wishes to All of you.

Working hard at Bringing in some of the best results for the New Year. Let’s make this a year to remember, and one like no other.

Whether your celebration is Christmas Day like many of those do in the West, or if you celebrate Hanukkah, where your memories of your hearts carry you, “What Does The Spirit of Christmas and this Holiday Season mean to you??!”

From helping others, to doing the right things, maybe making a child smile for the first time, or giving a grand parent the best wish they could ever hope for, what is the one thing that truly touches your heart?!

For me, It’s the experiences I get from those I meet that changes my character and reflects how I allow my light to shine.

Mi heirmanos y heirmanas, La familia es lo mas importante.

Wherever your plans may take you this holiday season, spend it with those you love. Listen to your hearts. Bring the the peace you can give to those loved ones that never gave up on you, to give them the assurance and the most memorable time in their lives.

Through the greatest traits in our human character, passion, kindness, integrity, honesty, live as though your life has meaning in every moment. Live with the joy from the experiences of having passion and comfort in your life!

Allow others the joy of life the same.

What Does This Holiday Season bring for you…?

Family? That Romance that was always meant to be…??

Reuniting with your children after being abroad for so long….

However the circumstances, make this season a time to remember. For your Families. For your husband. For your wife. Your son, or for your daughter. Even yourself.

For The Spirit of Christmas

Comments and feedback. Thanks

Watch “Will Smith | 5 Minutes for the NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE ft. Matthew McConaughey and Denzel W.” on YouTube

For Friends families young and old, people around the world, motivational speakers, uplifters, great minds, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, kids in school, this is for us-

Open your hearts, open your minds. If you’ve ever been passionate about anything, I think you should see this-

We Don’t need to waste anymore time on what was or the what could have beens, stop giving our tears and our emotions to those people that don’t care as much about us as we do for them-

It’s our time, it’s your time and it’s my time to make new decisions for the best parts of our futures, and stop spending every moment of every day wondering why your life isn’t any different-

This is for us- this is for myself included…

This is Our world and we make it what we want, what is needed to fuel our hearts, passions, health and energies.

This is not about the mainstream garbage you see on social feeds, it is not at all about the corruption, violence or bloodshed surrounding our world,

It’s About Our need and passion to overcome and surpass it all-

You Know you best,

You have the light to shine

You have the power to win

Achieve your goals, achieve

that longest reach

And you will have achieved the

one your meant to be-

I Believe in you-

Only here


Watch “One of the Most Motivational Videos You’ll Ever See [WARNING!!! – Belief Changer]” on YouTube

I find truth and passion in very personal, unique, beautiful arrays of art. Which, in a sense could be an experience, a moment, a tragedy in one’s life.

We All will experience the gift of feeling. Moments relentless through pain, it could be unmeasurable heart pounding passion that takes you to a place and a point of yourself that you have only seen in dreams.

A glimpse of yourself you couldn’t determine if it was reality or subconscious.

So thrilling and intense, you fear the possibility. You shake and ask yourself, Is that really me?! Such tremendous peace comes over your whole being.

You’ve never felt anything like it! Joy becomes you. Your ears quiet. Your spirit takes you and makes you for those moments, almost as if you were someone else!

That someone that with the energy that becomes you, for a few minutes is this version of yourself you only imagine.

Bliss. Pure Bliss.

A ripple in our lives for only a piece of that, we’d give everything to have. To cherish.

Anyone that reads my blogs, Have you ever experienced this in your lifetimes….

Tap the link. Tap mine.

Mad love for All you Hearts of Hearts..

Watch “You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth” on YouTube

Hey. Best of life and longevity today to all that’s online researching and searching for better ways!

Alot has been happening recently along my path of life. I’m sure many of you would agree.

I have been getting some rather high levels of great information coming through, and I’ve been grabbing some. Check it out.

We all, as part of the human race need to clear ourselves, families, neighbors, individuals we barely know, of all the cynicism, hate, and corruption surrounding our lives, our health and our futures and show and act with our true characters, of the true in heart, to use our greatness and that light we have within to release it, let our efforts our hearts, and the power we hold within our light to shine for others!

The time is now! Right now! Because whatever your doing is not as important as letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you in your life. And how much value you hold for them in your hearts.

Step up and step out of your norm. Because what is normal anyways!

They’ve told us for years, “Stay connected”. (Social media) And in the same aspect, staying connected is truly keeping us disconnected from the physical,literal, intimate world we know and need. Because without physical human contact we will rapidly start to die. We will disconnect mentally, emotionally. Our health will slip away. We could close off from others.

Brothers and sisters, friends, check out the link above. Focus on the true content of the material their giving you.

Our youth. The future. You and I. The corruption and cohesion of the political rule in our societies and our ways of life.

Tap the link. Share it if you like. Send comments. Send feedback here – tothegranddebut

Stand with me and others. To encourage. Uplift. Excite. With the greatness we have for great health and better futures for His people. Thanks

From Within..

What is one of the only things we will ever really truly own in this life?

Isn’t it ourselves?!

Having a true understanding of that, “Doesn’t that mean”,”it is our responsibility to do everything we can to ensure the most substantial, healthy, and longest lasting life for our futures and the futures of our families?”

With knowledge, information, consistentcy, knowing what works best for us, applying these key points to overcome diseases, illnesses, sickness, and to strengthen ourselves to grow to become who were meant to be.

With the adequate amount of needed resources such as vitamins,menerals, rest, peace, and the list goes on; with every well maintained masterpiece, “Couldn’t that masterpiece sustain for say”,”a few hundred years?”


The world is changing. Health and medicine is changing.

We are limited only as much as we allow ourselves to be.

With research, the right tools, and the right contacts, we can reach new personal levels and overall new levels worldwide for many to gain from and discover profound results for the future of mankind.

I am coming to the last pages in certain chapters in my life. To start fresh new chapters which have been long coming. And Thank God for it!

These are passions of mine. I Hope their passions of yours too!

I’ll have to dig and do a little more research to find his name, but I had a great health teacher through grade school.

He was stern. Very serious. But if you paid attention, and were following the information he was providing, you could see he really enjoyed having you in his class. I owe him a huge respect of gratitude, and a big thank you for all that he taught me!

Many of the older phrases that pertain to humans,…

“Human beings are creatures of habit”. I’m here to tell you we have to change those cycles of habit.

It is in our best interest as human beings to do many things in moderation.

Many times have shown that things work out best in our favor in moderation.

As americans we can learn alot from other cultures. Like the Chinese, their excellent cuisine, their family values, and their consistentcy. Their nutritional diets are remarkable. Health routines. Core values. Are all valuable to life longevity.

Meditation. Focus. The ability to be able to control your breathing. Yoga. Again goes back to core values.

Finding your center. The center of stabilization.

As in meditation the position they recommend you be seated in is for your”center”.”Your core”.

I will be touching on more hot topics in the future.

I Hope you all have lives of prosperity and great health. God Bless us all. Hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks.