Catch the Headlines

Today Thursday, June 20, 2019 We’re all working on saving money every chance we get, from credible sources, check out the report from MarketWatch. If your not around access, no problem, here’s a link. Through the challenging process of research, we secure every organization, business, and resource available to the public that provides the best services available. With a screenshot from the report, they mention … Continue reading Catch the Headlines

Deadlines Desires & Development

Time crunches for proposals, business and projects for the league of bosses to save face with “higher-ups” and future clientele. Fast Start to this week, World Press Today-, Hinting on potential areas of interest: Intro to New Concepts __________________________ In life, love, business, or ballin’, if your good and you know it, “feel it”,”own it!” Take that charisma that pulses through your veins, use it, … Continue reading Deadlines Desires & Development

Day’s End Post

After long weeks, getting those moments, sometimes only minutes that make all the hard effort seem worth it. Time to unplug, sign off, flag the cab, or catch the rail, so we can hit the door at our places of sanctuary so we can reenergize, feel the comfort that’s our own. Wether some lay back in the living area, or if we go straight to … Continue reading Day’s End Post

Lesson Of Assurity

Through Days without Direction sometimes not seeing an end; Pulling myself up, holding tight Not settling in the same steps in the same movements in cycle; Looking to the sky for His guidance to know and feel with a voice “it’s here”,”inside” Gives me comfort through great word Reassurance Bold in strength and security in his lessons to guide my coarse. Hebrews 4:16 Let us … Continue reading Lesson Of Assurity

Leaks Through The Mystery

Today – From Aspects of Many Different Cultures, to America, “We can All Learn to Thrive, Improve and Grow A Much Richer Understanding Of Life, & What Exactly It Means to Live through Beliefs, Emotions, Intuitions, Love, Discipline, Health, Strength, And Guidance When we Can Pull Ourselves Away from The Distractions of Everyday Life & Listen, But Truly Listen to Our Hearts!! It is from … Continue reading Leaks Through The Mystery

Celebrate Life

Monday May 27, 2019 Memorial Day Celebrate your freedoms this day. Celebrate for all the heros that gave their lives for many of us to have this beautiful life. Celebrate, but mourn no more. Remember them. For all of eternity in our memories. Rejoice and be thankful for the life we all share. If your working, steady at the grind, celebrate on lunch, breaks, preparty … Continue reading Celebrate Life